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Anki is depressing sometimes :P

September 7, 2010
Orange Days

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I’ve recently picked up my RtK studies to a level that is a lot more fast paced. About 40-60 cards a day.

However this results in more reviews and of course, my retention rate isn’t as good. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing – I mean yeah, I’ll finish faster, but on the other hand I’ll have to review and work on them a lot more aside from just adding them in. When I was doing 25-30 a day I was remembering more like 95%. Now I’m remembering about 80-90%, and it’s dropping as I go along.

Well, hopefully things turn out for the best. Really, I just want to start doing SRS sentences.

Also, I watched a great Japanese Drama (ドラマ) called Orange Days which is about this girl who is mostly deaf and her little adventure in overcoming that and meeting some new people. It’s actually really good (and I generally don’t like the cheesy Japanese Dramas), so it gets my recommendation! Don’t be skeptics! I watched it with English subs because well, I suck at Japanese. But if you think you can do it without them, I challenge you!

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