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Kanji Update

August 30, 2010

Hi everyone (wait no one reads this forsaken blog): this one is gonna be quick.

I’m at the 400 mark (well technically 395) of Kanji. Tomorrow also marks the 2 week day of me starting this book.

I’m going to try to do 45 or so today, which will put me at 440.  That means I’m just above 20% done with the book of 2042. In 2 weeks I did 400 Kanji, holy CRAP!

Guys, this feels great. I love skimming Japanese texts and being able to recognize half the Kanjis. Sure I don’t know what all of them mean, but I actually can figure out meaning from context (because I have a little Japanese vocab background) and it’s fun to connect the keywords to the characters even when I don’t know what it means. Being able to distinguish two characters that used to look like a slippery mess of lines is just heartwarming.

At this rate, I will finish my book by 6 weeks from now. I did not do a consistent job of doing the book for the last two weeks, so I am going to try to do so. The next lesson is 80 characters….. -____-, so I’m just gonna try to do 30-50 every day and it’ll average out to 40, which will actually speed up the process from 6 weeks  to about 5 weeks or so. Anyway, I can’t wait to finish this book so I can move onto fun stuff.

Things I need to do: Talk about Anki, talk about Anime, and talk about Music! Remind me.

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