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Beginning of School Struggles and Remotivation

August 25, 2010

I struggled for the past few days to study Japanese. I haven’t added many new words although I have kept up my reviews. I threw a tantrum last night because I’m a teenager and I’m prone to such things, but in my defense my mother instigated it. I love her anyways.

As a high school student I’m pretty busy but it just makes me more interested in doing my Japanese learning. I’ve set up a calender using Rainlender on my desktop, which adds tasks that I need to complete. It reminds me of my various activities. I had 2 hours a night dedicated to working on Japanese, but I have decided I won’t need to use all 2 if I run out of things to work on.

In my Japanese 4H class, I noticed I understood a whole lot more that the teacher was muttering to herself. The class is quite rowdy so she tends to lose control of us, leading to her quiet muttering of things like “please be quiet” and “loud kids”. Although she’s not a great teacher, I like her anyway.

I’m going to try really hard to learn a lot of Japanese this year. I want to be able to get as good as possible before college starts, so I’ll have a good foundation in the time that I was a bit younger. I think I’ll thank myself later.

The big problem: my parents. I’m half Asian, half Middle Eastern. My parents want me to go to top notch colleges but honestly, I don’t really care as much. I mean sure, I can study, but I am a Junior and I’m taking 2 AP classes, Bio and Stat (well, at least I hope after this schedule muck I’m running into). That seems pretty good but a lot of my peers are taking 3, 4, or even more. It’s pretty ridiculous. I just hope my “Japanese self study” looks good on my college apps…

In reality my dream is to go to college in the USA, learn something useful, then apply that knowledge in Japan. I’m interested in either Business or Medicine… both very difficult fields. I’m not the hardest worker unless it’s something I like, such as video games or Japanese. I know that sounds pretty pitiful, I mean, who isn’t ‘good’ at video games or Japanese? Those aren’t very special things. I hope that I can figure out something I’m great at that is unique to me soon enough. Aside from learning Japanese on my own and enjoying video games :).

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