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August 19, 2010

I’m a big fan of the RevTK Forums, they’re really helpful for any skill level of Japanese learning (whether doing RTK or beyond).

I was pondering what to do after I finish RTK (I’m at 104 Kanji by the way, it’s really fun! :D) when I ran into this post.

Basically, he recommends a game plan to learn Japanese to an advanced level (assuming no previous knowledge, which I do have) at a rapid rate (one year). Not only that, but the game plan seems to be slower than my own game plan (RTK in 4 months rather than 2), etc.

The gameplan is basically this:

RTK1 (and RevTK naturally) – 4 months (20 a day)
Hiragana and Katakana – 1 week
UBJG – 2 months (20 sentences a day)
KO2001 pt1 – 3 months (5 kanji a day)
KO2001 pt2 – 3 months (5 kanji a day)
RTK3 – N/A (you’ll do it simultaneously with KO2001 at 30 kanji per week)

UBJG is the book the topic is all about,  “Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar“.

Yeah, I know, I said “Grammar Doesn’t Exist”. And still, it doesn’t. Not in the formulaic way, “here’s how this is used exactly and perfectly”, at least. This book is different. It packs in sentences, in which you would actually use the language. Basically, you learn the sentences and you learn the grammar. It’s natural and makes sense. It’s how you learn your first language as well.

You take the sentences, place them in your SRS application, and enjoy results. Of course you also review your Kanji and Kana in your SRS. Forever. 😀


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