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Grammar Does Not Exist and Changes to Anki

August 17, 2010

I’ve decided to stop reading Grammar books (Tae Kim’s or otherwise) despite them being great resources. I realized that because I learn the grammar, I need to dissect the sentence I heard or read instead of just naturally knowing it! That’s ridiculous and I never did that in English either. I gotta learn the grammar AFTER I learn the language.

Thanks Khatz.

In other news, I changed how I’m doing my Kanji on Anki. Basically I read that using the story to recall the kanji is not really a bad thing, but there seems to be some controversy for the whole “story on front of card vs back of card” deal. In the actual book, Heisig put his little mnemonics upside down on his flashcards on the front, but of course that’s on written paper flashcards which is lame and dumb archaic. I’m using a PC, so what I did was put my stories on the front, but in white font so you have to select them to see them. Example below!


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