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52 Kanji Down

August 17, 2010

I’ve done 52 Kanji. Well, I’m about 2.5% of the way there, but so far it’s been really interesting. I got freaking stuck on one, “Specialty” (専). I discovered it was because the story I pulled from Reviewing the Kanji had a comma in it.

Phrased something like this:

“After you have chosen your 10 fields of study, measure how good you are at each to find out your specialty.”

I would think of 10 fields as seperate from measure, so I kept putting 10 fields on the left and measure on the right, causing me to create some random un-kanji, further confusing/frustrating me. I saw the comma, and changed it to this:

“Choose 10 fields to study and measure your skills to find specialty.”

Immediately (well, after 2 reps), it snapped in my mind correctly. Good to know that my mind works logically, haha.

I’m gonna keep doing as many as I can (I heard bursts of 25 for an hour then taking a break is the best way to do lots a day) before school starts next week.


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