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1000 Kanji

Oh hi there. Yeah, well you know how I was gonna do 200 in one day? Well it didn’t work out. I had some real bad sleeping habits last week so I didn’t do many cards. However, two days ago I reached 1000!

I just slept for about 19 hours straight and reset my inner clock (thank god for weekends) so I’m gonna try to not screw myself up again.


Oh, and for those counting, it’s been a little over a month.

200 Kanji Challenge

Simple. Get to 1000 Kanji (from 816) by the end of today.

I will do it!

Urghhh TERRIBLE Week for Kanji

Durrr. I started this week by doing 50 Kanji a day. Then I missed one day, then didn’t add any more cards the next day, then fell asleep early the next. I’m really messing up ;_;.

I gotta catch up this weekend!

Wish me luck.

Anki is depressing sometimes :P

Orange Days

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I’ve recently picked up my RtK studies to a level that is a lot more fast paced. About 40-60 cards a day.

However this results in more reviews and of course, my retention rate isn’t as good. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing – I mean yeah, I’ll finish faster, but on the other hand I’ll have to review and work on them a lot more aside from just adding them in. When I was doing 25-30 a day I was remembering more like 95%. Now I’m remembering about 80-90%, and it’s dropping as I go along.

Well, hopefully things turn out for the best. Really, I just want to start doing SRS sentences.

Also, I watched a great Japanese Drama (ドラマ) called Orange Days which is about this girl who is mostly deaf and her little adventure in overcoming that and meeting some new people. It’s actually really good (and I generally don’t like the cheesy Japanese Dramas), so it gets my recommendation! Don’t be skeptics! I watched it with English subs because well, I suck at Japanese. But if you think you can do it without them, I challenge you!

Anki Re-Update

I promised I would do this, so here it is. I’ve updated my anki (aesthetically and in terms of how I use it). I changed my mind about showing the story on the front. I think you should see the keyword, then if you can’t make the connection, view the story as a hint. So that’s exactly what I did.

Here you can see the format. Here’s how you do it:

Go to Settings>Deck Properties and click on your deck, then push edit.

Under Fields, you will see three Fields. You will need to rename your fields. Here is how mine is set up:

Field 1: Kanji
Field 2: Keyword
Field 3: Story

I suggest putting them in that same order as I did (use Move  Up and Move Down to change the order).

Then, in card templates, copy paste this:



<font face=”Arial” size=2><a href=”#” onclick=”document.getElementById(‘hint’).style.display=’block’;return false;”>Show Hint</a></font><div id=”hint” style=”display: none”>%(Story)s</div>



NOTE: Your fields must be named the same way I showed above for that to work!

Tada! You have the same show hint button as I do.

Finally, you can edit the colors and fonts of your Anki in the Settings>Fonts and Colors menu.

Kanji Update

Hi everyone (wait no one reads this forsaken blog): this one is gonna be quick.

I’m at the 400 mark (well technically 395) of Kanji. Tomorrow also marks the 2 week day of me starting this book.

I’m going to try to do 45 or so today, which will put me at 440.  That means I’m just above 20% done with the book of 2042. In 2 weeks I did 400 Kanji, holy CRAP!

Guys, this feels great. I love skimming Japanese texts and being able to recognize half the Kanjis. Sure I don’t know what all of them mean, but I actually can figure out meaning from context (because I have a little Japanese vocab background) and it’s fun to connect the keywords to the characters even when I don’t know what it means. Being able to distinguish two characters that used to look like a slippery mess of lines is just heartwarming.

At this rate, I will finish my book by 6 weeks from now. I did not do a consistent job of doing the book for the last two weeks, so I am going to try to do so. The next lesson is 80 characters….. -____-, so I’m just gonna try to do 30-50 every day and it’ll average out to 40, which will actually speed up the process from 6 weeks  to about 5 weeks or so. Anyway, I can’t wait to finish this book so I can move onto fun stuff.

Things I need to do: Talk about Anki, talk about Anime, and talk about Music! Remind me.

RtK: Don’t worry too much

I’ve learned after experimenting with Anki and the RevTK site that you shouldn’t worry too much about RtK.

What I mean by that, is that if you fail, its okay!

Did you…
1) Fail a newly studied card?
2) Fail a card twice in a row?
3) Consistently fail a card?

Don’t worry about it. Try changing the story you have, if you like. However, I’ve figured out that SRS is not about the story, it’s about the repetition.

Ones that gave me trouble on the first, second, even third or fourth run through became natural after failing them because I’ve just seen them so much. I felt reluctant to ‘pass’ cards that took me a few seconds to look at, or that I had to reveal the story for to write, but now I realize I shouldn’t fail those because I succeeded in writing them from memory.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just be truthful. With the story and your memory, could you write it? If yes, push ‘good’. If yes, but it took you a few seconds or you had to use the hint button to reveal your story, push “hard” . If no, just fail it and move on. Don’t even worry.